Slovenia and Slovakia learn more about climate change in Africa

Children attending a workshop on climate justice at Pdkraj primary school in Slovenia. Credits: Caritas Slovenia

Children attending a workshop on climate justice at Pdkraj primary school in Slovenia.
Credits: Caritas Slovenia

“Africa needs to have the means to fight climate change,” said Jana Lampe of Caritas Slovenia. “And the people of Slovenia and Slovakia should be prepared to help them establish the conditions for a long-term sustainable development”.

Caritas Slovenia and Caritas Slovakia began a three years public awareness project on climate change last year with the support of the European Commission. They’re explaining to people in Slovenia and Slovakia the need for climate justice in developing countries and in particular in Africa.

Much is said about the effects of climate change in Europe according to the two Caritas members, but what is often forgotten is the effects on the lives of people from developing countries. They contributed least to the situation and cannot cope with the consequences because of their poverty.

“People are being encouraged to express solidarity with the victims of climate change,” said Jana Lampe. “We are advocating for a better understanding of the impact of the environment on poverty reduction efforts and the need for development aid.”

Main project activities include tool kits to be used at workshops in schools and youth programmes, seminars, testimony of experts from Africa, the development of an internet platform for young people in Slovakia and Slovenia for easy access to materials and to promote exchange, media work and a photography exhibition.

One of important activities in the project is a seminar for Caritas organisations in the 12 new members of the European Union on development and climate change. The seminar will also be open to Caritas members from EU acceding countries and neighbouring states. It will take place in Slovenia in Celje in the summer of 2011.

The main goal of the seminar is to inform participants about development education in general and on concrete topic of climate change and link it with the development. Participants will have opportunity to share experiences in working on the climate change, find out about the latest science and especially the impact in Africa.

It will be organised by Caritas Slovenia with assistance and speakers from Caritas organisations (CAFOD-Caritas England and Wales, Trócaire-Caritas Ireland and Caritas Luxembourg) and the Caritas Internationalis General Secretariat.

Caritas Slovenia is kindly inviting all interesting colleagues from Caritas Europa organisations, especially from New EU Member States, to participate in the seminar. The costs of accommodation and meals will be covered by Caritas Slovenia. For more information and for confirming the participation please write to


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