Caritas co-hosting launches of the new Sphere handbook

Caritas co-hosting launches of the new Sphere handbook

Caritas co-hosting launches of the new Sphere handbook

Caritas will be co-hosting or participating in launches of the Sphere project’s new handbook “Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Response” in various locations around the globe on 14 April.

The Sphere Handbook establishes shared principles and a set of universal minimum standards in core areas of humanitarian response such as water, food, shelter and health. It offers common language and provides guidance for effective and accountable humanitarian response and advocacy.

“Caritas was a founder member of the Sphere project, since when it has been a member of the board. Caritas helped draft the original Sphere Handbook and has been closely involved in its subsequent revisions,” said Alistair Dutton, Humanitarian Director at Caritas Internationalis.

“The Sphere handbook is a normative document for all the member organisations of the Caritas confederation and we at Caritas Internationalis insist that all the Caritas members apply those standards.”

Since its first trial edition in 1998, the Sphere Handbook has been translated into more than 40 languages, becoming the most widely known and internationally recognized set of standards for humanitarian response.

The revision that led to the 2011 edition of the Sphere Handbook involved more than 650 experts from some 300 organizations in approximately 20 countries.

Caritas Europa will be co-hosting the launch of the new handbook in Brussels and the Caritas Internationalis delegation in Geneva will be supporting the launch in Switzerland.

A PDF version of the new handbook in English can be downloaded from the Caritas Europa website from 14 April on. Translations in French, Spanish, Russian, German, Arabic and possibly other languages will also be available in June or July.

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