Caritas assessing needs of Syrian refugees

Caritas Turkey is sending a delegation today to the border region of Hatay to gather information about the Syrian refugees who have crossed the border following the crisis in their country.

Thousands of refugees fled to Turkey and also to Lebanon following military operations in their country as a result of recent popular unrest.

“Caritas is collecting basic information regarding the humanitarian needs of the population in coordination with the government and other national and international aid agencies,” says Joseph Farah, president of Caritas Middle East and North Africa (MONA).

Reports say there are around 5,000 refugees in the camps run by the Turkish Red Crescent and the government in the region of Hatay and it seems that it is mainly vulnerable population, elderly, women and children. Recent clashes in the Syrian town of Jisr al-Shughour have caused further increase in the number of people seeking refuge in Turkey.

The Syrian Government is calling for people to return home after the army regained control of the town.
Meanwhile, Caritas in Lebanon has a team in the north of Lebanon which is working with UNHCR to assess the needs of the refugee population there, where around 2000 people are estimated to have arrived. Two social workers from Caritas Lebanon’s Migrant Centre are helping people face the psychological impact of their uprooting.

Caritas will provide 1000 hygiene kits and 200 outfits for newborn babies. Assessments are still being carried out.

Listen to an interview with President of Caritas Lebanon, Father Simon Faddoul on Vatican Radio.

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