Peace and development: Transforming lives

Caritas members joined together to prepare for a better future in southern Sudan. Credits: Karen Kasmauski for CRS

Caritas members joined together to prepare for a better future in southern Sudan. Credits: Karen Kasmauski for CRS

Help with healing is crucial after an emergency. It may be healing bodies, when people need medical treatment. It may be healing spirits, when a loved one is lost. Or the healing may be between communities, guiding people towards reconciliation after conflict. 

Caritas believes in healing in the broadest sense as the way for ward in human development. Even when there is no obvious big crisis, the world’s poor suffer many wounds caused by the relentless struggle of daily sur vival on about a dollar a day, or by the lack of education, employment or opportunity, which drains away hope. Caritas uses the presence of its members in the poorest countries to transform lives. In 2010, Caritas helped people living with the long- running violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo not only with food and shelter, but with counselling and healthcare to allow them to regain control of their lives. Caritas nurtured peace at the grassroots level. Conflict usually leads to a loss in any development gains that have been made.

Caritas supported peacebuilding through participation in Sudan. Credits: Sara Farjado/CRS Southern Sudan votes for peace

Fighting in southern Sudan only ended five years ago after more than three decades of war. Many people knew only conflict.

Ready to play for peace in the townships of Pretoria. Credits: Antoine Soubrier/Caritas South Africa Stand up Africa

“ Women, children, disabled and elderly people had to face these men with machetes and other weapons,” says Fr Peter Audu. “ They did not have a chance.”

Eager young book-keepers? Caritas is building financial capacity in all its members to benefit everyone. Credits: David Snyder/Caritas Strengthening Caritas

“Financial reporting of a high standard is very helpful. It attracts extra financial and other resources,” said Dr Benedict Alo D’Rozario

Caritas has supported the vaccination of half a million children in Pyongyang in the first half of 2010 Credits: Wolfgang Gerstner/Caritas Germany Keeping lines of communication open with North Korea

A million North Korean children were vaccinated against hepatitis B in a campaign run by the Ministry of Health with Caritas support in 2010.

Caritas knows no boundaries of race, religion, or ethnicity enabling it to work in places such as Gaza. Credits: Katie Orlinsky/Caritas A Synod for the Middle East

Recognising the need for a way for ward in peace and reconciliation, the first synod specifically dedicated to the Middle East was convened in October.

colombia15 Peace week in Colombia

Each September, “Peace Week” commemorates the victims of the conflict and boosts commitment to ending it through dialogue.

rwanda9 Caritas anniversaries

The strength and history of the Caritas confederation shone strongly in 2010 with several members celebrating significant anniversaries.

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