Hola España!

World Youth Day 2011 kicks off in Madrid on 16th August. Elizabeth Pappalardo and Krystie Tham from Caritas Australia are just two of the hundreds of thousands of young people who will travel to the Spanish capital to celebrate their faith and join in the celebrations.

From our experiences at World Youth Day 2008 in Sydney, we will never forget the pride we felt in being young Australian Catholics. Being witnesses of love and peace through smiles, laughter, singing and dancing as the diversity of cultures and nations came together, was a week we will never forget.

World Youth Day is a significant event for young Catholics as the diversity of nations and countries joined under the Catholic Church unite to share their faith. The experience rejuvenates us to spread the gospel of Jesus in our home lands.

We are looking forward to being a part of the love and joy shared during World Youth Day in Madrid from 16- 21 August. We are excited to share our spiritual journey with passionate young Catholics from around the world. We feel privileged to be able to take this journey and represent Caritas Australia.  For those who will be taking part in the event and manage to spot us amongst the exuberant crowds in our red Caritas shirts, make sure you come and say HOLA! 😀

While we are at World Youth Day, we hope to build networks with young Catholics and promote Caritas Australia’s A Just Climate campaign. The campaign encourages individuals, communities and governments to take action to help minimise the impact of Climate Change on vulnerable communities. We will be updating our social media sites on our journey to keep you all in the loop! We promise to take lots of photos as well!

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