Imagine access to treatment, prevention, and care for HIV and AIDS: Caritas in action

Imagine access to treatment, prevention, and care for HIV and AIDS: Caritas in action

Stop TB: In many countries, TB constitutes the greatest cause of death among HIV-positive persons. The prevalence of TB and HIV in Swaziland is one of the highest in the world. Caritas co-sponsored a Joint Mission to Swaziland with the World Health Organisation to lobby the government to decentralise treatment. Caritas wanted a bigger role to be given to grassroots, faith‑based organisations.

Mexico City International AIDS conference: Caritas participated in an ecumenical pre-conference, during which it emphasised the need to engage religious leaders in a more intensive response to the HIV pandemic. Caritas raised awareness about the need for a consolidated Catholic response.

UN Plans to Partner with Faith-based organisations (FBO): The Caritas Special Advisor on HIV was among the FBO representatives who designed a Partnership Framework among UN, governments, and religious organisations. The goal? Universal access to HIV education, treatment, care, and support.

India’s best practices: Supported by the Catholic Medical Mission Board, Caritas compiled a best practice report which illustrated the leadership of the Catholic Church in India in HIV treatment. The report says that the Caritas grassroots presence in India helps it reach even the remotest parts of the country with health, training, education and awareness raising initiatives.

CHAN – Catholic HIV and AIDS Network: Caritas provides secretariat services for this wide-ranging group of Catholic partnership organisations that give information, technical, and financial support to Church-based AIDS programmes in developing countries. In June, the Network welcomed a delegation of Church leaders from Vietnam in order to plan a more intensive response.

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