East Africa after the Food Crisis

East Africa after the food crisis

East Africa after the food crisis

Your support helped over one million people in East Africa overcome their worst drought in 60 years. You made it possible for Caritas to distribute emergency food, create water projects, and give out seeds so farmers can rebuild.

In November 2011, Caritas Communications Officer Laura Sheahen visited Kenya to see the community response in action. Explore the features below to find out how your support made a difference.

When drought pits neighbour against neighbour
kenyaconflict1“Herdsmen came here looking for pasture,” says Mwinzi Munyoki Tutu, a young farmer in southern Kenya. “We refused.”
‘You heard our cries’: hunger in East Africa
kenyahunger4“I met a woman who was crying because she couldn’t remember the last time she had seen so much food.”
Seeds of hope after drought
kenyaanimal4“When you’re hungry, if you have seeds, you start cooking.” Kotola Susana grins ruefully as he describes the situation of many of his fellow Kenyan farmers.
Kenyan students back to school
kenyaschool1Alice had always been first in her class as a child, but because of the drought, she kept getting kicked out of secondary school.
Bringing water to the thirsty
kenyawater1“I saw the crocodile along the riverbank, ten metres away from me.” Teresia Katulu was used to walking long distances to fetch water for her family in southern Kenya.
Photo gallery: fighting hunger in East Africa
kenyagallery1Explore this gallery of photos from Kenya to see how you helped.
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