Caritas urges action now to avoid future crisis in Burkina Faso

Women and children in Burkina Faso, where nearly two million people face hunger. Credits: Caritas

Women and children in Burkina Faso, where nearly two million people face hunger.
Credits: Caritas

Caritas nutritional centres in Burkina Faso will be protecting over 21,000 under-fives from malnutrition as fears of a food crisis grow across West Africa’s Sahel region.

Nearly two million people face hunger in Burkina Faso, where the price of corn has increased by a third compared to 2010 and the production of grain has fallen by 16 percent.

Caritas is launching an appeal for €1.7 million ($ 2.3 million) to provide food and other aid for over 45,000 people in Burkina Faso. Caritas is also working across the region, in Niger, Mali, Chad, Senegal and Mauritania.

“We must act now to avoid tragedy in the months to come,” said Fr Isidore Ouedraogo, the executive secretary of OCADES-Caritas Burkina Faso. “Today, we are witnessing thousands of people who eat only one meal a day. By intervening now, Caritas will help them survive the lean season when the lack of food is most acute.”

Caritas Burkina Faso will provide targeted food distributions to over 7000 homes.

Caritas is concerned about children under-five, who are especially vulnerable to malnutrition. Caritas Burkina Faso’s 43 nutrition recovery centres will ensure 21,000 under-fives receive food and medical support. This also means working with the local community on education to ensure children receive the food they need.

Caritas will support over 2200 households to be able to grow their own food and restock depleted cereal reserves to help them manage their future harvests.

Long-term help is vital, and Caritas will work at the community level strengthening people’s capacity to withstand food price hikes and poor harvests.

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