Caritas helping stranded South Sudanese return home

Caritas volunteers in Juba preparing sheleter for the return of South Sudanese stranded in north Sudan. Credit: Caritas Sudan

Caritas staff and volunteers have been working flat out all over South Sudan to prepare for the return of refugees from north Sudan.

In Juba, between 12-15,0000 returnees stranded in Kosti in the White Nile State in north Sudan are expected to arrive over the next few weeks by plane. The governor of White Nile State, citing insecurity concerns, said that the presence of over 12,000 South Sudanese in Kosti is no longer tolerated and they have to move before 5 May. The South Sudanese from Kosti are travelling to Khartoum and then flying down to Juba.

Caritas Juba with the support of the Caritas Coordination Unit is helping get a site outside Juba ready for the returnees. Today, 700 returnees have arrived at the site according to the Sudan Catholic Radio Network.

Caritas Juba Emergency Coordinator Agnes Serafino said that 16 volunteers were offloading building equipments provided by IOM (the International Migration Organization) and putting up shelters for 1,000 returnees. She said the volunteers were happy because they were standing in solidarity with their people returning home.

Volunteer Gismallah Gift said he was working hard to make sure when the returnees arrive they will find a place to stay. He said the volunteers were glad and singing while working because they were proud to welcome their fellow citizens back home.

Source: Caritas Coordination Unit and Sudan Catholic Radio Network


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