Prayer for Haiti three year after

On a recent visit to Caritas Internationalis in Rome, Bishop Pierre Dumas, president of Caritas Haiti, offered this prayer for his fellow Haitians who are still suffering following the 2010 earthquake.

Dear Lord,

We have come here to Rome in the steps of the apostles Peter and Paul to gather our strength and energy to offer hope to the people of Haiti. They are suffering and floundering in misery but thanks to your son they can raise their heads and a take the path of resurrection.

We would like to thank you Lord for all the solidarity the Haitian people have received. We offer our gratitude for this globalisation of solidarity. But we also ask that Haiti doesn’t become a “forgotten tragedy”, but that what we have lived through in country becomes a “apprenticeship” for a new humanity which will create a new civilisation of love.

God of love, make us a network of love, of caritas. Give us your beating heart burning with love for your people. Give us your hands, which are full of love for your people; and give us your eyes which look at your people with love, so that wherever there are people who are wounded and crucified we can bring the breath of new life of your Christ who reigns with you forever and ever.



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