Ten Gaza facts

Gaza - Février 2013 :

Photo by Elodie Perriot/SC

Home to 1.6 million people, Gaza is just 40km long and 10km wide. It is one of the most densely populated areas in the world.

Gaza has little rain and no major fresh water source.

Frequent blockades means that Gaza is largely dependent on external aid and the “tunnel economy”.

More than half the population of Gaza is under 18.

Unemployment in Gaza is around 30 percent. Young people are particularly affected by joblessness. 39 percent of the residents live below the poverty line.

The UN runs many schools in Gaza. It says an extra 440 schools will be needed by 2020 to cope with the growing population.

Power cuts are an almost daily occurrence in Gaza.

Farming is made difficult due to a lack of water and a limited amount of land.

Gaza’s fishermen are restricted to fishing no more than 3 nautical miles out to sea.

A United Nations report released in August 2012 concluded that Gaza may not be “a livable place” by 2020 unless intensive efforts are made to improve infrastructure and services in fields like energy, health, water and sanitation.


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