Caritas Japan says thank you two years after quake

By Bishop Tarcisio Isao Kikuchi, SVD, President of Caritas Japan

Caritas Japan wants to sincerely thank our brothers and sisters throughout the world for the tremendous support you have given to our Great East Japan Earthquake relief activities. We will never forget that when Japan suffered that unprecedented disaster, friends like you reached out to help.

Nearly two years have passed since the earthquake on 11 March, 2011. Unfortunately, many people who were affected by the disaster have yet to find peace and hope. Instead, they worry that the harsh reality is that with the passage of time their suffering is being forgotten both in Japan and elsewhere.

In this situation, Caritas Japan continues to unite with those who have been affected by the disaster, listening to their voices and walking with them as they strive to survive and recover.

Caritas Japan continues to search out and aid those whose needs are not being met by government services. In particular, this effort is carried on through the various volunteer bases in the affected area that have been set up by the Catholic Church in Japan, centered on the Sendai Diocese.

The reconstruction of Iwate and Miyagi Prefectures will take a long time. Even more time will be needed for Fukushima to recover from the effects of the nuclear power plant accident caused by the tsunami. Therefore, Caritas Japan, in collaboration with the Sendai Diocese, is committed to   taking a long-term perspective toward its activities.

We want to thank you for your warm support in the past and hope that we can continue to rely upon your generosity in the future.

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