Caritas supports victims of flooding disaster in Austria

In the last few days, a mass of water hit the regions in Tyrol, Salzburg, Upper- and Lower Austria especially hard. Hundreds of people had to be evacuated, houses were destroyed, and basements are flooded.

Caritas offers support to the people in the regions affected by the flooding. “From this moment on the Caritas disaster relief fund is available for emergency aid. Additional to financial temporary measures, the people will also need human support and accompanying assistance during bureaucratic procedures,“ says Franz Küberl, Caritas Austria President.

People who have lost everything they had in the floods and families with socially weak background need to receive fast help.

“As soon as the water has hopefully regressed, it will be necessary to assist the people. They will long for comfort for all the things that have been destroyed and which cannot be repaired or bought back with money.” Küberl calls on the solidarity of the Austrian citizens.

Contact and drop-in centres:

Caritas asks you for your donation for the victims of the flood via our donations account:
Erste Bank 012 34560 Sort Code 20111
PSK: 7.700.004 Sort Code 60.000
Keyword: „Katastrophenfonds Österreich“/“Disaster Relief Fund Austria“

For further inquiry please contact:
Margit Draxl, Press Officer
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