Advent Appeal 2013

Message of Pope Francis: “I give all my support to the Caritas Internationalis campaign against world hunger… We are facing a global scandal where nearly a billion people go hungry. We cannot turn the other way and pretend it does not exist. I ask you with all my heart to support our charity in this noble campaign and to act as one human family committed to ensuring food for all.”

Happy Christmas

Dear friends,

Caritas Internationalis believes that it is a scandal that nearly a billion people are hungry today in a world that has the resources to feed everyone.

Inspired by Christian faith and Gospel values, Caritas sees the world as one human family characterised by love, solidarity and compassion. We look to the parable of the feeding of the multitude where there is abundance of food which it is our duty to share.

Ensuring food security for all is part of Caritas’ vision of a world where human well-being and dignity are paramount. For Caritas, integral human development must be the goal of sustainable development strategies encompassing climate policies, education, empowerment and food sovereignty.

The work of Caritas organisations on hunger ranges from providing food aid in times of crisis to longer-term programmes improving small-scale agriculture, livestock breeding, infrastructure, agro-forestry and reforestation. Caritas also promotes civic participation on social and economic issues such as access to markets, nutrition, water and sanitation for vulnerable communities.

We believe that global hunger must be solved on an international level too. That’s why the 164 national organisations that make up Caritas Internationalis are joining together in their first ever global campaign to call for an end to hunger by 2025.

The Caritas Internationalis One Human Family, Food for All Campaign is calling on governments to ensure that everyone has the right to adequate, nutritious food. Pope Francis said in a message of support to the campaign “I invite governments, the United Nations and each of us as one human family

to give a voice to all people who are suffering in silence from hunger, so that voice becomes a roar that shakes the world.”

As Christians, we take the chance during Advent to renew our relationship with God. We reflect on the greatest expression of his love, that he sent his Son to be with us. Our thoughts and prayers also turn to our brothers and sisters who don’t have enough food to eat and are trapped in an unbreakable cycle of poverty.

Help us change that by supporting the One Human Family, Food for All Campaign. Please give online to the One Human Family, Food for All campaign this Christmas.

Yours in Christ,

Oscar Andrés Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga, S.D.B.
President, Caritas Internationalis


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