Severe drought in Pakistan

Darmu, 8 years old, is malnourished and has a fever.

Darmu, 8 years old, is malnourished and has a fever.

Caritas has launched an emergency appeal to help 3000 families in Pakistan who are facing a food crisis brought about by severe drought.

Over 150 children have died over the past three months because of the crisis in the southern desert region of Tharparkar in Sindh Province. The children risk illnesses such as pneumonia, diarrhoea and chest infections

“There has been a surge in deaths recently because families don’t have access to healthcare services,” said Amjad Gulzar executive director of Caritas Pakistan. “Mothers and children are suffering from malnutrition, they are vulnerable to disease and they really need our help to get through this crisis.”

Around 1.3 million people are impacted by the drought and food crisis in southern Pakistan.

During the two month Caritas project, affected communities will receive relief packages and medical treatment. The project will cost €180,000. Caritas will also set up medical camps to help people access healthcare. It will also give nutritional supplements to boost children’s health.

Keeping livestock healthy is essential for overcoming the crisis. In collaboration with the government, Caritas will set up livestock vaccination camps to stamp out disease in birds and livestock.

Even though aid is being delivered to larger towns, people in remoter communities have difficulty in accessing the food and healthcare they require. It is these people who are in small villages who are being hit hard by the food crisis. Rain is only expected in July and August.

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