A wish for World Refugee Day

A Syrian refugee girl looking on as a tractor pours sand into a septic drain on June 17, 2014 in Zahle. Matthieu ALEXANDRE for CARITAS INTERNATIONALIS

A Syrian refugee girl looking on as a tractor pours sand into a septic drain in a camp supported by Caritas in Bekaa Valley. Matthieu Alexandre/Caritas

There are over a million of Syrian refugees living in Lebanon. We asked them and Caritas staff there for a wish on World Refugee Day, 20 June.

God ends the war, so my family can go back to Syria.” Fatima, 41 year old mother, in tented camp in the Bekaa Valley.

“I wish that if you have to be a refugee, then wherever you are, you can take control of your own life.” Laurette Challita, Caritas Lebanon Migrant Centre coordinator in the North

Peace in Syria, to be a builder when I grow up and to have a white motorbike.” Mohammed, 12 years old, Bekka Valley. He lost his arm in bomb attack in Idlib.

“That God takes us out of here and builds us a better future.” Da’aa, 7 year old girl, Bekaa Valley.

To show the world the beauty of Syria. To show the opposite of what’s happening now.” Aliyah, 11 year old girl, Bekaa Valley

Syrian refugees women sing a song as they celebrate the World Refugee Day on June 19, 2014 at the Migrant Center in Dahr El Ain, near Tripoli. Matthieu ALEXANDRE for CARITAS

Syrian refugees women sing a song as they celebrate World Refugee Day at the Migrant Centre in Dahr El Ain, near Tripoli. Matthieu Alexandre/Caritas

I want to see my brother and son again.” Khaled’s son and brother were kidnapped in Syria two years ago. He has no news of them.

“To watch the World Cup on television.” Twelve year old Whaled can’t see the games in an abandoned building where he lives with 20 other families in the Bekaa Valley because they have no TV.

To go back to school in Syria to get a good education and to get treatment for my legs.” Sally, 18 years old, lives in the same abandoned building. She needs medical treatment to help her walk.

“Each refugee has their own story. They could be you or me. We all have the responsibility to accept our differences and work for peace.” Najla Chahda, Caritas Lebanon Migrant Centre Director.

To feel the soil of Syria again.” Awad, 16 years old.

“We wish for peace in the Middle East, but it must be based on justice for all peoples. It must not be imposed from outside, but achieved from within.” Fr Paul Karam, Caritas Lebanon President

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