Caritas welcomes South Sudan as its 165th member

In 2015, Caritas welcomes South Sudan as its newest member. The small African country gained independence in 2011, and its people are experiencing the joys and struggles that come with creating a nation. Poverty is the biggest challenge–most South Sudanese have trouble earning a living and feeding their children, much less educating them.

Caritas members worked in the area long before independence. Now, in the country’s north, Caritas supports families who fled violence and need food, homes and schools for their children. In the south, Caritas is helping families rebuild after attacks by a militant group called the Lord’s Resistance Army. Explore these photo galleries to learn more:

Gallery 1, Yambio – The small farmers of Gangura in South Sudan are back in their fields again with the help from Caritas. Caritas has been providing seeds and tools and organising community garden. Self-defence groups also protect small farmers here. The community farmers can then pay school fees and medical bills and face the future armed with more resilience.

Gallery 2, Agok – Caritas is working hard to end the conflict in South Sudan. Caritas is helping tens of thousands of people to return home to Abyei or to support them in camps for displaced people 20 miles away in Agok.


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