Caritas backs Pope Francis’ blueprint to help migrants

Caritas has provided kits and stationary to refugee students of Ibn Reshed School in West Aleppo. Photo by Patrick Nicholson/Caritas

Caritas provided kits and stationary to refugee students of Ibn Reshed School in West Aleppo so their families can spend their money on other things. Photo by Patrick Nicholson/Caritas

Caritas joins Pope Francis in calling for global action to “welcome, protect, promote and integrate” migrants and refugees in communities around the world.

Caritas says the Pope’s message on migrants and refugees is a global blueprint to advocate and take action to help the many people on the move in the world. Pope Francis says that migrants and refugees should be assisted from departure, as they journey across borders and on arrival in countries where many live in poverty and have little access to basic rights.

Caritas secretary general, Michel Roy, says, “The Holy Father’s message offers timely inspiration and a long-term vision for our confederation as we launch our Share the Journey migration campaign in September. It is a powerful push to us all as individuals, communities and leaders to take a stand.

“We particularly welcome Pope Francis’ call to protect minor migrants. Protecting the most vulnerable, particularly children, is one of Caritas’ top advocacy priorities and the backbone of our grassroots action. Child migrants are invisible victims and are often forgotten about when countries let anti-migrant sentiment rather than compassion prevail.”

Pope Francis and Caritas  will launch Share the Journey campaign from St Peter’s Square in Rome on 27th September. The confederation’s 165 member organisations will launch the campaign in their countries at the national and local level by encouraging people to meet a migrant or refugee.

In line with Pope Francis’s call to welcome, protect, promote and integrate, the campaign will focus on increasing the spaces and opportunities for communities and migrants and refugees to come together in departure, transit, arrival and return countries around the world.

Caritas believes that creating stronger relationships between communities and people who migrate will strengthen communities and provide the opportunity for a more united approach to migration.

As part of its advocacy efforts in the campaign, Caritas is working with the Vatican’s Migrant and Refugee Section and other organisations of faith to contribute to the shaping of the UN Global Compacts which will be adopted  in September 2018.


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