Oración por Indonesia

Use these words to help you pray for those affected by the Indonesia tsunami and earthquake.

Indonesia Earthquake survivors urgently need food, water and shelter.

Indonesia tsunami and earthquake survivors urgently need food, water and shelter.

Lord of Salvation,
We pray for the Indonesian people who have been
devastated again by an earthquake and tsunami.
Be now for the people of Indonesia
What you have always been:
The firmest of foundations, which cannot crack.

When we reach out to help,
let it be your hand we reach with.
When we comfort the afflicted,
may it be your heart we comfort with.
When we serve the stricken and the grieved,
Let it be your bounty we serve from.

And when we work side-by-side with the people of Indonesia
Rebuilding what has been lost
Let it be your foundation we build on.
A foundation of justice, a foundation of hope.
A foundation of newness and love
Stronger than the mightiest cataclysm.


Prayer by CRS