Job opportunity

Programme Officer promoting leadership of women and youth

Job position: Programme Officer
Type of contract: Fixed-Term Contract (3 years/ full time)
Department: Operations Department, Institutional Development and Capacity Strengthening (IDCS) Unit
Line Manager: IDCS Head of Unit
Other working relationships: Work in close collaboration with the Governance Women and Youth representatives, Director of Operations, Regional coordinators
Work place: Caritas Internationalis, General Secretariat – 00120 Vatican City


Contribute to strengthen the leadership role of women and youth, in cooperation with the Regions and Members Organisations and with a specific focus on capacity strengthening and animation across the Confederation.


Animate the Confederation to increase leadership opportunities for women; strengthen the capacities of youth and improve their participation and decision-making at all levels; promote capacity strengthening initiatives and develop training modules; process and analyse data on women and youth participation across the Confederation; work in cooperation with Regions and Member Organisations to facilitate and animate global and regional women and youth fora.


1. Animate the Confederation to increase leadership opportunities for women from grassroots to the governance level
1.1 Process and analyse data on women’s participation across the Confederation, identify strengths and gaps, and produce relevant documents, research and reports;
1.2 Facilitate the creation of women’s regional groups, animate them and work with a Confederation reference group to identify priority needs and best practices and promote women’s leadership;
1.3 Animate the Regions in order to make the voice and experience of women from the grassroots level known and adequately considered in local, regional and global initiatives;
1.4 Coordinate global initiatives to promote women participation;
1.5 Put in value the experiences of women from the communities to the governance level and increase their visibility, also through internal and external communication;
1.6 Develop a mentorship programme with CI women CEOs;
1.7 Identify capacity needs to strengthen leadership of women at all levels and the most adequate learning paths to strengthen personal and professional capacities;
1.8 Promote capacity strengthening initiatives at all levels and develop training modules in collaboration with Regions, Members, other organisations and universities, and facilitate their
dissemination and adaptation to different contexts;
1.9 Work to improve the situation on equality and inclusion across the Confederation and support Member Organisations in need to develop related policies and systems;
1.10 Make effective the participation of women at the governance level of the Confederation.

2. Animate the Confederation to empower youth and strengthen their capacities in order to serve their respective communities and improve their participation in operations and decision-making
2.1 Animate the Caritas Youth Forum and facilitate the creation/strengthening of regional fora;
2.2 Collect and analyse data on youth participation across the Confederation, identify strengths, best practices and gaps and produce relevant documents, research and reports;
2.3 Animate the Regions in order to make the voice and experiences of youth known and adequately considered at all levels;
2.4 Animate and facilitate reflection, sharing of experiences, best practices and peer to peer learning across the Confederation;
2.5 Facilitate the work to identify the main capacity needs, enhance youth leadership through learning paths and training modules;
2.6 Work in collaboration with Members, Regions, other organisations and universities to develop training modules and professional and spiritual development resources;
2.7 Facilitate capacity strengthening and formation of youth across the Confederation;
2.8 Animate the work to promote technical and spiritual formation of youth;
2.9 Contribute to develop policies and procedures for promoting capacity strengthening across the Confederation through internships, volunteers’ experiences, professional development field
experiences, etc.
2.10 Work, in collaboration with the IDCS Head of Unit, Head of Human Resources and concerned departments, on agreements with Universities and Formation Centres to promote capacity strengthening and leadership.

3. Work in coordination with other departments of the CI General Secretariat, Regions and MOs
3.1 Organise the work in consistency with the CI Strategic Orientation n. 5 (Increase the effectiveness of the Caritas Confederation) and in coordination with the other orientations of the Confederation because of the cross-cutting nature of this position;
3.2 Work in collaboration with the other departments of the General Secretariat and Regional Secretariats to coordinate the activities;
3.3 Participate in the team working and planning, evaluation and learning session of the IDCS Unit and contribute to the Unit’s and Department’s actions;
3.4 Contribute to social analysis/research on women and youth related subjects.


  • At least 3 years of field experience in complex contexts, with role of facilitation, animation, and/or programme management;
  • Very good knowledge (oral and written) of at least 2 official languages of the Confederation (English, French, Spanish);
  • Interest for and knowledge of humanitarian and development issues;
  • Interest for and knowledge of organisational development and capacity strengthening process, developing training modules and facilitating training sessions; previous experience on it is an asset;
  • Interest for and knowledge in facilitation and animation of group dynamics (at community, organisational and institutional levels);
  • Interest for and knowledge of data analysis, research methods and reporting;
  • Capacity and willingness to work in multicultural environments;
  • Capacity of adaptation, flexibility and availability to travel in different countries, even with a short-term notice;
  • Capacity and willingness to work under pressure;
  • Ability to communicate (oral and written) and build relationships in a multicultural context;
  • Solid knowledge of the Catholic Church Organisation and Catholic Social Teaching;
  • A demonstrable empathy and interest in the work of Caritas and embracing the faith and values of the Catholic Church;
  • Previous work with the Caritas network or humanitarian NGO is a definite asset.

How to apply

Please send application form, CV and covering letter (English language) in confidence by December 15th 2020 to Yari Bergamasco, Human Resources, at

Caritas Internationalis’s talent acquisition procedures reflect our commitment to safeguarding children and vulnerable adults from abuse and exploitation. To this aim, we follow safe recruitment practices according to our safeguarding policies.


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