Job opening: Communications officer (Multimedia Producer)


Communication is an essential part of the work of Caritas Internationalis, both in terms of informing and raising awareness about the work of the Caritas network and giving a voice to the most vulnerable around the world. The communications team at the Caritas Internationalis General Secretariat, therefore, has a twofold task: 1. to inform the public, the media, national Caritas organisations, and other interested stakeholders by producing content about the work of Caritas confederation and the situation in about 200 countries where it operates, and 2. to ensure that content produced by Caritas member organisations are disseminated within the Confederation.

To this end, the communications team of the General Secretariat of Caritas Internationalis is looking for an experienced communicator able to produce multimedia content at the service of the Caritas Confederation, and contribute to the administration of the Caritas Baobab intranet.


Contributing to the work of the Communications Department by producing videos and graphic publications, contribute to the administration of the Caritas Baobab intranet, and support, through constant research of new tools and analysis, Caritas Internationalis website and social networks.


a. Video production

· Editing and producing videos related to the work of the Caritas Confederation and to appeals or other communication promoted by Caritas Internationalis

· Record short videos containing statements by representatives of Caritas Internationalis

· Working and being in contact with Caritas member organisations in order to collect video and photographic material

· Making video animation in order to show graphically the impact of Caritas’ work

· Ensuring the video material has subtitles and/or voiceover in the different languages of the confederation

· Producing virtual tour and 360° videos

· Producing training videos

· Ensuring the publication of the videos on different platforms such as Caritas Internationalis website, Caritas Baobab intranet, social media.

b. Website and social media

· Helping to keep up-to-date the tools and systems for monitoring and enhancing the effectiveness of Communication through the Caritas Internationalis website and social media accounts

· Supporting constant monitoring of the analytics of the Caritas Internationalis website and its social media accounts

· Support in formulating and planning the publication of content across different platforms (social media, website, Baobab intranet)

· Support crowdfunding, through the Caritas Internationalis website and social networks

c. Archiving the contents

· Cataloguing and systematically archiving video, photo and written material on the internal server, on the Baobab intranet, and the Flickr account or other database, taking care to include keywords that make it possible to search for different content

d. Graphic designing

· Creating infographics related to the work of Caritas from data collected from other departments or other Caritas organisations

· Producing the layout of short publications

· Developing templates for Caritas programme applications or others

· Producing banners, newsletters, and other graphics for the website and social media

· Producing graphics for digital and paper postcards

e. Baobab – Caritas Internationalis’ Intranet

· Users management

· Uploading content and creating events

· Supporting the creation and implementation of new modules and platforms

· Supporting the creation and implementation of E-learning modules


· Professional fluency in the English language (preferably mother tongue). Fluency in at least a language between Spanish, French, and/or Italian and a good knowledge of at least one of the other two languages

· University degree

· Three to five years’ experience in a communications role in development and/or Church organisations.

· Knowledge of the role of the Catholic Church in humanitarian and development action and solidarity with it.

· Previous experience in running social media or digital campaigns.

· Excellent verbal and written communication skills in the English language

· Proficiency in creating content for and managing different social media

· Proficiency in creating digital content (video, images, and texts)

· Good knowledge and experience in using content management systems like WordPress, and email marketing service as Mailchimp

· Good knowledge and experience in using graphic design platform and programmes like Canva, InDesign or Photoshop

· Good knowledge and experience in using social media management platforms, like Hootsuite

· Proficiency in using video editing programmes, like Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro

· Ability to work proactively, creatively, and autonomously

· Ability to meet deadlines and work well under pressure

· Ability to forward plan, schedule and manage priorities

· Ability to manage expectations and work well with different teams and stakeholders

· Strong administrative skills and the ability to create processes along the way

How to apply

Please send the CV, the cover letter (English language) and the Job Application in confidence by 17th May 2021 to the attention of Dr. Yari Bergamasco, Human Resources, at

Caritas Internationalis’s talent acquisition procedures reflect our commitment to safeguarding children and vulnerable adults from abuse and exploitation. To this aim, we follow safe recruitment practices according to our safeguarding policies.


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