Job opening: Communications Officer (News Editor and Producer)


Communication is an essential part of the work of Caritas Internationalis, both in terms of informing and raising awareness about the work of the Caritas network and giving a voice to the most vulnerable around the world. The communications team at the Caritas Internationalis General Secretariat, therefore, has a twofold task: 1. to inform the public, the media, national Caritas organisations, and other interested stakeholders by producing content about the work of the Caritas Confederation and the situation in about 200 countries where it operates, and 2. to ensure that content produced by Caritas member organisations are disseminated within the Confederation.

To this end, the communications team of the General Secretariat of Caritas Internationalis is looking for an experienced communicator, possibly with a journalistic background, who can produce news and other written content at the service of the Caritas Confederation.


Contributing to the work of the Communications Department by producing stories, interviews, press releases, statements, brief publications, and content for social media and fundraising, to be shared via mailing lists or published on the website and the Baobab Intranet.


a. Written production

  • Work with Caritas member organisations to produce written content in the English language, and find photos and videos of the Confederation’s work.
  • Write or produce communication content in the English language, including stories, media articles, statements, social media content, video scripts, and other texts to be published on the Caritas Internationalis website, brief publications (including Annual Report), and reports about Caritas’ work.
  • Follow closely the activities of other departments and units of the General Secretariat in order to collect information and report on the different activities, programmes, reflections, as well as on emergency or generally noteworthy situations.
  • Share communication content on web platforms, both internal (BAOBAB) and external, and contribute to publications.
  • Proofreading of English texts.
  • Ensuring that all content is properly reviewed, proofread, and corrected.

b. Media

  • Cover media requests, including outside office hours. This involves answering press calls, writing press releases, arranging interviews, searching for and providing material such as photos, videos, and other information.
  • Helping to organise press conferences and prepare all necessary materials for the media.
  • Keeping the media contacts list up to date, and maintain effective relationships with journalists.
  • Maintain records of media coverage and collate analytics and metrics.

c. Fundraising

  • Writing project and campaign presentations (including press releases about these) and formulating slogans and call-to-actions
  • Writing newsletter texts to send to donors, as well as social media texts related to campaigns and projects
  • Helping to create the content of web pages dedicated to campaigns and projects

d. Work for the Caritas confederation

  • Conducting training on communication activities
  • Helping to produce information material needed by the confederation
  • Produce a monthly newsletter to be sent to the confederation


  • Three to five years’ experience in a communications role in development and/or Church organisations. Journalistic experience is considered an asset. Experience in communications for fundraising is considered an asset
  • English native speaker. Fluency in at least one language between Spanish and French.
    Knowledge of Italian is an asset.
  • Knowledge of the role of the Catholic Church in humanitarian and development action and solidarity with it.
  • University degree. A degree in journalism is an asset
  • Excellent communication skills, including creativity, in the English language
  • Good knowledge and experience in communicating about humanitarian work
  • Proven experience/ability to present complex information in an engaging and accessible way
  • Good knowledge of content management systems like WordPress
  • Good knowledge of social media networks
  • Ability to work proactively, and autonomously
  • Ability to work in a consultative manner
  • Ability to work under pressure and with deadlines
  • Ability to plan and schedule work, and to organise and prioritise work to be done
  • Ability to revise and proofread meticulously

How to apply

Please send the CV, the cover letter (English language) and the Job Application in confidence by 30th June 2021 to the attention of Dr. Yari Bergamasco, Human Resources, at


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