Donate oxygen

"The situation in Manaus is tragic and continues to worsen. In the first days of February, we recorded an average of 105 deaths per day due to COVID-19, while in January the average was around 70 per day.” says Father Luis Moldino, spokesman for the archdiocese of Manaus.
For a city of just over 2.1 million inhabitants, the toll of 2,195 deaths from COVID-19 in little more than a month, since the beginning of January, is very heavy, and the exponential increase in the number of cases has led to the collapse of hospital facilities.
Caritas Brazil and the Brazilian Bishops' Conference have launched a campaign for the immediate purchase of oxygen cylinders and other items such as saturimeters, concentrators, masks, gloves and medicines.
Help us provide help to people in the Amazonia
It is also possible to make donations through a bank transfer:
Bank: Unicredit S.p.A.
Address: Via della Conciliazione 11b – ROMA
Beneficiary: Caritas Internationalis
Address: Palazzo San Calisto, 00120 Vatican City
IBAN: IT10C 02008 05008 000400406198
Payment Details: Emergency appeal for the Philippines
U.S. based donors who would like to receive a tax-deductible receipt may also donate in US dollars to the Caritas Internationals Fund held by the National Catholic Community Foundation.
Please email to receive more information.