Dzud in Mongolia

Winter in Mongolia is turning evermore long and bitterly cold. Summer is becoming shorter and more parched. This leaves animals without enough food and the herding way of life without a future.

“We felt helpless. We didn’t know what would happen in the future. We didn’t know how we would live,” says Gereltsog, a Steppe herder in Mongolia whose 500 livestock risked being wiped out in the winter of 2016-2017 due to deep snow and lack of feed.“Caritas came at the right moment.”

Caritas provided emergency aid to the herders then and in 2015-2016. Caritas Mongolia reached 1700 herder families last year, focusing ones with more than four children, the poor, the elderly and single mothers.

Caritas Mongolia wants to get more involved in preventive actions to safeguard the herders in advance of the winter, and is looking to raise resources.

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