Help the refugees of Moria camp, on Lesvos

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Migrants and refugees are stranded in Moria camp in Lesbos

Help the refugees of Moria camp, on Lesvos

On the night between 8 and 9 September, around midnight, several fires broke out in Lesvos island, at Moria Reception and Identification Centre. The Moria Center and the area around it has been completely destroyed: containers, tents, equipment, and all facilities are burnt down.

Caritas Hellas is offering support to the people affected by this tragedy.

Caritas has been working on Lesbos since 2015, and today It is helping migrant refugees from the Moria camp, ready for support to the population in translation services, distributions and information sharing. The Moria camp was initially designed certain number of migrants, but it has been overpopulated over last days. The facility currently accommodates 12,700 people (four times its theoretical capacity) and is the largest in Europe.

Caritas Hellas is distributing 1.500 sleeping bags, along with within 1.000 hygiene kits. For the next 10 days, Caritas will also distribute at least 1.000 bottles per day.

The Caritas Programme Manager just arrived in Lesbos, to provide support to the local team and assist in coordination with Ministry and Authorities for next steps.


Caritas is there, supporting people in need, at the side of the most vunerable.

Please help us.


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