Appeal to help refugees in Mahama Camp

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Nduwimana, left

Appeal to help refugees in Mahama camp

Helping Burundian refugees in Rwanda gain autonomy

Hundreds of thousands of Burundians have fled their country since 2015, starting in the run up to parliamentary elections and continuing in the turmoil that followed the vote. Many fled to neighbouring Rwanda.

For many people it is a forgotten crisis, one of a number around the world. But for Caritas, this is an opportunity to invest in the skills of the refugees to help them to gain autonomy.

In summer 2020, Caritas launched a three-year €380,000 programme to help Burundian refugees in Mahama camp. Our work focuses, among other things, on helping women launch and build small businesses. This enables them to take care of their families and save money.

We know that with a small amount of help, people can gain autonomy and enjoy a dignified life. We also boost the health of elderly people in the camp by improving their diet and give mental health support to those traumatised by being uprooted.

Please join us in supporting the refugees in Mahama camp to become independent and live a dignified life.

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