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Share the Journey Campaign

The Share the Journey Campaign is more than just raising awareness about migration issues – it is about bringing communities, migrants and refugees closer together, through activities such as a shared meal, to celebrate commonalities and connections through what is referred to by Pope Francis as the “Culture of Encounter”.

Much of the fear around migrants and refugees comes from fear of the unknown. By meeting, or encountering, a refugee or a migrant, the fear of the unknown can go away. All individuals have the right to dignity and respect. The Share the Journey campaign aims to change the rhetoric around refugees and migrants by encouraging network-building between these various groups so as to create a more welcoming environment for all.

Caritas has been given the opportunity to help facilitate the building of these social support networks and overall community cohesiveness over the next two years and beyond. Your financial support will help to continue to facilitate the opportunity and space for locals, refugees and migrants, to encounter each other so that our communities become safer spaces for all to thrive as one human family.

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