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Venezuela Crisis Appeal

Child hunger is rocketing in Venezuela as the country collapses. Families cannot find enough food or medicine.  Scarcity of staple food is touching every aspect of life. The average Venezuelan lost more than 11 kilos last year.

Priests are resorting to dividing the Host into pieces to provide Holy Communion because there isn’t even enough flour for the Church to make Communion wafers. An 85 percent shortage of medicines has created a public health crisis of astronomical proportions.

International aid agencies are mostly prevented from working inside the country. Caritas is one of the very few able to help people in desperate need.

With your donations we are able to provide medicines and host health days where an estimated 400 medical volunteers provide health monitoring. Caritas got life-saving malaria medication into the country to contain a recent outbreak. The Church has set up nutrition centres, staffed by volunteers, where children under 5 and expectant mothers are monitored and treated for malnutrition. More and more parishes are opening soup kitchens, which have served more than 1.25 million meals. Caritas is also working with refugees from Venezuela across the region.

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