How it all started

Pope Francis launched Caritas Internationalis’ Share the Journey global campaign on 27th September 2017 in front of tens of thousands of people in Saint Peter’s Square, saying:

“Hope is what drives the hearts of those who depart, it is also what drives the hearts of those who welcome: the desire to meet each other, get to know each other, to dialogue.”

The campaign created spaces and opportunities for migrants and refugees to come together with communities, promoting the culture of encounter and learning about each other. The message was “meet a migrant”.

Thousands of people worldwide posted “reach out” photos of themselves on social media in support of the campaign.

Share the Journey - Reach out

Share the Journey across the world

Global Compact on Migration at the UN

Together with the Permanent Observer Mission of the Holy See to the UN Caritas Internationalis co-hosted an interfaith conference with Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim and Christian leaders at the United Nations in New York ahead of critical talks on Global Compacts on migration and refugees.

Different religious leaders called on countries to respect the human rights and dignity of every migrant and refugee and ensure they have safe passage and legal protection in inclusive societies.

Joining forces with other faiths and sharing a meal

As part of the Share the Journey campaign in 2018, Caritas worked with other faiths to encourage governments to improve their response to the mass movement of people.

In June 2018, Caritas promoted a week of shared meals around the world between communities and migrants and refugees. Caritas Syria brought together people from the Muslim, Christian, Alawite and Druze communities to eat and pray together. Everyone had lost someone or was suffering because of the war.

Their conversations with people from other communities during the meal made them realise they weren’t alone in their suffering – or in their desire for peace.

Global solidarity walk

In October 2018, Caritas called on the world to walk one million kilometres with migrants and refugees. Many communities came together and walked and talked with people who had undertaken a much longer journey and forged bonds of solidarity with them.

The global solidarity walk was launched in Rome by Caritas president Cardinal Luis Tagle.

Share the journey global pilgrimage

World Youth Day together with migrants and refugees

Young people were encouraged to reach out to migrants and refugees and to develop their listening skills through a solidarity walk and a “silent play” that encouraged the culture of encounter at World Youth Day.


Anti-migrant woman makes friends with an Iraqi refugee

In a period when the United States was placing increasing restrictions on migrants, Catholic Relief Services, a US member of the Caritas confederation, brought together migrants and refugees with people who were ambivalent towards migration in a daring photo shoot to discuss their fears and to promote listening and acceptance.

One young woman who supported President Trump’s tough stance on Muslim refugees ended up becoming friends with an Iraqi refugee thanks to coming together for the photos shoot. Watch the video.

The future is made of all of us

Caritas organisations around the world contributed photos of migrants and refugees past and present as well as members of the communities that welcomed them and world leaders to create a giant inspirational collage. The message was “The future is made of all us, let’s share the journey.” Pope Francis completed the collage with a photo of his parents who migrated from Italy to Argentina before he was born. Watch the film.


Art activism

Des exemples ont illustré des communautés, des migrants et des réfugiés combinant leurs énergies et leur imagination pour célébrer le voyage migratoire. L'un de ces efforts a été la production par Caritas Grèce de l'Odyssée d'Homère avec une distribution de réfugiés.