Press Releases

the latest press releases from Caritas

Kidnapped Caritas worker in Côte d’Ivoire released
Caritas local staff member kidnapped in Cote D’Ivoire
Japan faces devastation after earthquake and tsunami
Migrants stranded on Egypt Libya border in need
Peacebuilding online tools now available in French and Spanish
Caritas responds to New Zealand earthquake
Caritas launches emergency appeal for Côte d’Ivoire following election violence
Caritas launches an appeal for Brazil’s flood victims
Brazil hit by worst floods and landslides in 40 years
War survivors in Sri Lanka now face floods
One year after Haiti earthquake: a moment of mourning, solidarity and hope
Governments must do more to guarantee migrant workers rights
Cancun climate change summit offers some hope
Caritas at European Development Days
Colleagues mourn Bishop Mansap, former Caritas President for Asia and Oceania
Greater protection of women migrants essential
More funding needed for children with HIV on World AIDS Day
Cancun summit must deliver climate justice
Migrant women at great risk of exploitation, abuse and insecurity
Caritas statement on Pope and HIV and AIDS
Sudanese bishops: war is not inevitable
Indonesia hit by earthquake, tsunami and volcano
Caritas Rwanda celebrates 50 years of hope
Prevention essential in stopping cholera in Haiti
Caritas looking to long-term recovery in Haiti
Caritas ready to respond as massive typhoon hits Philippines
“We haven’t really seen anything like this before”: Benin hit by floods
Sudanese church leaders raise fears of war
Caritas aid worker killed in robbery in Haiti
Synod for Middle East can bring communities together