Caritas and Advocacy

Caritas Internationalis’ policy and advocacy staff provide briefings, reports, and research on our advocacy work as well as the materials to support our campaigns.

Migration & Human Trafficking

Promoting and defending best practice in the areas of labour, migration and anti trafficking.


Establishing access to food and water as a human right, promoting investment in agriculture and rural development and developing policy to address the root causes of food security.

Climate Change

Campaigning for protection of the environment and a robust response to climate change.

Health & HIV

Promoting better treatment and prevention of pandemic diseases, notably HIV and tuberculosis and non-communicable diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

Sustainable Development Goals

Caritas will monitor the implementation and progress of the SDGs. On behalf of the poor and of our common home, Caritas will hold those responsible to account.

Humanitarian Policy

Holding the UN and governments to account to protect vulnerable communities and to create ‘humanitarian space’ in crises. Promoting the prevention of physical, psychological and sexual violence.


Providing tool kits and guidance for advocates who strive to build peace and prevent conflict between communities.


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