Extractive Industries

Caritas updates on extractive industries

Surging prices for raw materials from our earth should bring in much needed revenue which poorer countries can invest in development.

But all too often citizens don’t benefit as much as they should from extractive industries like mining and logging. Their governments allow the profits to end up in the pockets of big international companies or a few well off locals. The rush for more raw materials and money often sparks conflicts and sets back development gains.

Caritas members work for economic and social justice by monitoring both governments and companies. Caritas also speaks out against the global structures which trap people in cycles of poverty. We campaign for proper respect and accountability on the part of governments and companies for what happens to people and their natural environment. We work with local communities to provide them with safeguards to their health, water, soil and forests and to make the voice of civil society a strong one.

Caritas Updates on Extractive Industries

How Caritas works on Development

Caritas is focused on achieving the new Sustainable Development Goals during their lifetime of 2105 to 2030. The SDGs will greatly influence the national planning of governments and the funding priorities of donors. Learn more.