High Level Meetings and Events

Caritas updates on high Llevel meetings and events

Caritas delegations regularly represent the one million voices of the Caritas confederation at important high level international meetings and events.

These include the United Nations General Assembly, the UN’s Framework Convention on Climate Change, the G8, the World Economic Forum, the World Social Forum, the Global Forum on Migration and Development and the Global Committee on Food Security.

Caritas advocates for fair, ambitious and legally binding conventions, which will benefit the poor and protect our shared world. Its delegates and members take to the streets and host side meetings to spread their vision that a world without hunger and poverty is not a utopian dream.

Caritas Updates on High Level Meetings and Events

How Caritas works on Development

Caritas is focused on achieving the new Sustainable Development Goals during their lifetime of 2105 to 2030. The SDGs will greatly influence the national planning of governments and the funding priorities of donors. Learn more.