Address: Merivälja tee 18, Tallinn 11911, Estonia
Telephone: +372 6 46 43 01 Fax: +376 6 46 43 02
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Founded in 1997, Caritas Eesti – Caritas Estonia works to assist children and young people, the poor, disadvantaged and needy, with particular emphasis on social reintegration. Its policy of enabling people to escape from or avoid dependency on social care is supported by programmes such as supporting teenage mothers so that they learn good parenting and are able to reintegrate into the labour market. Caritas Estonia aims to contribute to building a stable society by helping to reduce social differentiation and promoting environmentally friendly use of resources, especially through work with children and young people. Caritas Estonia works to support vulnerable children, teenage mothers and the poor and marginalised.

Many of Caritas Estonia grassroots programmes aim to reduce social risk in Estonia by supporting family values and parenting skills, working with vulnerable groups such as pregnant teenagers, underage mothers, mothers with poor social skills and their children. Caritas offers childcare for children of the mothers enrolled in Caritas programmes in order to facilitate the young mothers’ return to school or labour market.

Caritas Estonia carries out activities to improve the social and cultural as well as linguistic integration of different communities by creating opportunities for young people to spend time with families and peers of a different background. In 2007, Caritas Estonia created the Orphanage Children’s Fund to develop orphan’s horizons by offering class trips, supporting their hobbies and providing educational workshops.

Caritas Estonia carries out activities in Tallinn, Pärnu and elsewhere in Estonia employing a project based staff of approximately 12 people.

Caritas Estonia has been a member of the Caritas Internationalis confederation as well as Caritas Europe since 1999.

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