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Caritas Georgia was founded in 1994 to support and care for the many Georgian citizens, who encountered hardship after the beak-up of the Soviet Union and newly gained Georgia’s independence in 1991. As an officially registered Charitable Foundation, the mission of Caritas Georgia is to promote human development and social justice, bring relief to vulnerable and disadvantaged people in accordance with Christian values, encouraging their self-responsibility and dignity. Aspiration for attaining the mission and the objectives is most clearly manifested by dozens ongoing projects implemented by Caritas Georgia in following programs: Health and Social Care; Children and Youth Protection and Development; Development of Communities and Individuals; Emergency Response and Preparedness.

Health and Social Care Program is implementing medical and social aid projects. The Caritas Health Care Program aims at contribution in improvement of the quality of life of the population targeted through the health care projects implemented throughout Georgia. The goal of these projects is to increase geographic and financial accessibility of the most vulnerable part of the Georgian population by providing high-quality primary health care and medicaments, home care and rehabilitation services. The Social Program aims at improvement of the social and psychological condition of the population targeted through the social projects implemented in major part of Georgia. The goal of these projects is to reintegrate the targeted groups into the society. In the program operates a permanent system of training conducted by local and foreign specialists to maintain a high level of professional qualification of medical personnel.

Children and Youth service of Caritas Georgia facilitates the upbringing of more than 1000 vulnerable children and youth close to a family environment. The projects protect the children from abuse, neglect, exploitation and discrimination, ensuring the children’s psycho-social rehabilitation and integration in the society. Caritas Georgia Children and Youth program assists 6-18 year-old children through the following services: service for children from families living below the poverty line; services for children living and working on the street and children/youth without parental care.

Caritas Georgia Development program projects aim to develop activities for people in need, improving their livelihoods, preventing families and individuals from economic migration and strengthening social ministries of Caritas at Parish level. Participation in development activities within the communities gives people the new self-deliberation as citizens responsible for their own welfare and brings them to deep understanding of the fact that “Nobody can solve your problem better than you can”.

Caritas Georgia Emergency Response projects allow independent decisions on the frontlines to ensure the lifesaving aid is rapid and effective. The aid provided during and after catastrophes, such as floods, earthquakes, landslides and avalanches, reduces suffering, restores dignity and jump-starts economic recovery. Caritas Georgia responded all scaled emergences – natural disasters, as well as several armed conflicts, since its establishment.

Volunteering has always been a part of Caritas Georgia. However, since 2016 an active development of volunteering system has started and currently, except of possibility of being involved in different charitable programs or administrative work of Caritas Georgia, there are actions that are fully based on work of volunteers. Such as, Voluntary Summer Camps for vulnerable children, Soup for Homeless and Clothes Distribution Point.

Since 2016 Caritas Georgia started assisting single mothers and their children, as well as pregnant to support and reinforce the family structures.

Caritas Georgia main office is located in Tbilisi and there are around 10 focal points in the regions. By the beginning of 2020, more than 367 staff members and 120 volunteers represent Caritas in Georgia.

As a member of the world-wide Caritas Internationalis Confederation, Caritas Georgia receives fundamental assistance from the global Caritas network organisations, from the Church-based organisations, Associations, Unions, individual benefactors of different countries, as well from Local Governmental bodies.

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