Address: Kristanova ulica 1, 1000, Lublijana, Slovenia
Telephone: +386 1 30 05 960 Fax: +386 1 23 23 186

Founded in 1990 Caritas Slovenia implements social welfare programmes in Slovenia and works on developmental programmes abroad in countries in Asia, Europe and sub-Saharan Africa. Their domestic social welfare programmes support substance abuse prevention and rehabilitation, raise public awareness about the impact of climate change, establish maternity homes, homeless clinics for people without health insurance and offer assistance to victims of trafficking. Overseas, their development projects include health programmes such as malaria prevention, HIV/AIDS education centres, career training and capacity building programmes, educational workshops, safe and secure water provision and care for disabled children and young people.

In 2012 Caritas Slovenia provided material assistance to over 126,400 people in need across Slovenia. The material aid distributed included 3,317 tons of food, clothing, payment orders to over 17,260 people and school supplies such as workbooks to 11,283 children. Their social welfare programmes provided assistance to victims of human trafficking, maternity homes to 176 women and children, drug rehabilitation to 179 drug addicts and provided health care for 1,050 homeless people.

Caritas Slovenia emergency response team provided humanitarian relief in the form of food, tents, water and clothing to over 4100 people forced to evacuate their homes because of the devastating floods in November, 2012.

Overseas, Caritas Slovenia in cooperation with local organisations in developing countries spearheaded the construction of a maternity hospital in Burundi, provided food and medicine to people suffering from AIDs in Malawi, established malaria prevention centres in Zambia, constructed a rehabilitation centre for handicapped children and youth in Botswana and supported the construction of a high school for 256 children in Burundi. In 2013, Caritas Slovenia began the construction of a new elementary school for poor children in Rwanda providing quality education to lift them out of poverty.

Caritas Slovenia main office is located in Lublijana and has approximately 30 staff and over 9,000 volunteers that carry out Caritas Slovenia activities and programmes. Their organisational structure consists of 6 diocesan Caritas and 444 parishes spread throughout Slovenia, working side by side to respond to real needs of those most in distress.

In 1995, Caritas Slovenia became a member of Caritas Internationalis (CI) and Caritas Europe and they work in close partnership with other national Caritas organisations to help millions of people worldwide and in regions where long-term development efforts are needed; such as partnership with Caritas Sri Lanka to provide psychosocial support to children suffering from the psychological trauma of a 26 year civil war and collaboration with Caritas Slovakia to construct an orphanage for 30 children with special needs in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

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