February 28, 2017

South Sudan famine: I write with tears in my eyes

By |28 February 2017|

Parts of South Sudan face famine due to an ongoing civil war, collapse of law and order and drought. William Okot de Toby is the managing director of a diocesan Caritas, Caritas Torit, in the south-eastern part of the country. He answered our questions.

South Sudan bishops: “This famine is man-made”

By |24 February 2017|

Following the declaration of famine in Unity State, South Sudan this week, the country’s Catholic bishops have issued a powerful pastoral letter condemning the country’s civil war and labelling the famine as “man-made”.

Urgent food aid needed as famine strikes South Sudan

By |22 February 2017|

Famine declared in South Sudan with 275,000 children severely malnourished and more than 5 million people urgently in need of food and agricultural assistance.
  • Caritas Ukraine has deployed an emergency team in Avdiivka
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    More violence in Eastern Ukraine, thousands are without water and power

More violence in Eastern Ukraine, thousands are without water and power

By |2 February 2017|

Caritas fears for a humanitarian emergency in eastern Ukraine following an upsurge in fighting between government forces and Russian-backed separatists.

January 23, 2017

Caritas helps vulnerable people suffering from cold winter

By |23 January 2017|

Caritas in Serbia is helping vulnerable families by procuring firewood and stoves or paying their electric bills.

More help needed for refugees in Serbia

By |17 January 2017|

More help needed for refugees in Serbia as Caritas provides food in shelters but thousands more face freezing temperatures in the open.

Frozen Europe increases risks for migrants

By |12 January 2017|

Caritas is providing what aid it can to migrants and refugees facing life-threatening conditions after snow and arctic cold blanketed Greece, Serbia and south-eastern Europe.

No water in Damascus hitting hard

By |7 January 2017|

The Syrian capital suffers from long electricity cuts and gas and oil shortages. People have no means of heating during these cold winter days. What makes the situation catastrophic however is a water crisis.

Mongolia faces big chill as arctic winter worsens

By |5 January 2017|

This winter will likely see vast swathes of the Mongolian steppe affected by the extreme weather phenomenon known as a “dzud”, sparking fears of a devastating humanitarian crisis.

December 20, 2016

Hunger crisis in southern Madagascar

By |20 December 2016|

Five years of poor harvests mark what is now the country’s worst drought in 35 years, magnified by the effects of El Nino weather upheavals.

We are all with Aleppo

By |14 December 2016|

Caritas Internationalis is renewing its call for peace in Syria. Caritas is calling for an immediate end to the conflict, that humanitarian aid reaches those in need and that the lives of civilians are protected.

Never Christmas in Syria

By |14 December 2016|

Christmas 2016 message from Caritas Internationalis President, + Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle

Warm clothes for Syria in winter

By |14 December 2016|

Winter in Syria can be harsh. The temperatures remain below zero for long stretches. Caritas gave vouchers to 500 families in Damascus for warm clothes and shoes for children.
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    Ugandan scrub turns into second largest refugee camps in world

Ugandan scrub turns into second largest refugee camps in world

By |2 December 2016|

Up until July, Bidi Bidi in Northern Uganda was mostly sparsely populated grassland. Now, it’s the second largest refugee camp in the world home to 220,000 people.

November 21, 2016

Hurricane-affected communities need our help

By |21 November 2016|

With little government presence in Haiti, people are frustrated by the lack of aid that has arrived and the Caritas distributions are welcome relief.

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