Giving is receiving

"A church without charity does not exist" – Pope Francis

Emergency Response Fund

When disaster strikes, our Emergency Response Team works with national Caritas members to get families the help they need fast.

Fund a Voice Campaign

People living in poverty are excluded from the halls of power. Caritas takes their concerns to world leaders and the international community.

Global Action Fund

The Global Action Fund is our “where most needed” fund that has a global impact. By working together we can help millions of people.

Other Donations

If you are a Major Gift Donor or if you would like to give by means of bank transfer, please click here.

Important information about fraudulent communications claiming to come from Caritas

We are scandalised that millions of our brothers and sisters live in extreme poverty in a world of riches. Yet we are filled with hope because we are the first generation with the means to liberate them.

The Church has worked for and alongside the poorest people in the world throughout its history. Pope Francis has reinforced our mission. He chose his name after St. Francis of Assisi, a symbol of peace, austerity and poverty.

Caritas follows in the tradition of St. Francis in providing care to those who are excluded and marginalised.

Our Caritas organisations believe they can do more for the poor by working together. That’s why they work together as Caritas Internationalis to respond to disasters and conflicts, to protect the rights of the weak and to give poor communities the tools they need to build better lives.

Please support this united action by giving to Caritas Internationalis.

Cardinal Luis Antonio Gokim Tagle
President of Caritas Internationalis