Management Standards

Effective, accountable and caring

How a new set of Management Standards is helping to improve our work to alleviate suffering and restore hope for our brothers and sisters in need.

Caritas Internationalis is the humanitarian and development organisation of the Catholic Church with over 160 national members.

Strong roots, positive leadership and clear stewardship of resources make Caritas a major force for collective good. We take our responsibilities to our beneficiaries, donors and supporters very seriously.

In the Encyclical Deus Caritas Est, Pope Benedict XVI said, “Individuals who care for those in need must first be professionally competent: they should be properly trained in what to do and how to do it, and committed to continuing care.”

Pope Benedict also called for a ‘formation of the heart’: “We are dealing with human beings, and human beings always need something more than technically proper care. They need humanity.”

Together, Caritas organisations work to strengthen themselves, each other and the confederation through setting and living up to the Caritas Internationalis Management Standards. They’re based on existing good practice and accepted global principles within the humanitarian and international development community, and safeguard our professional competence and efficacy in serving our neighbours.

The four Management Standards, each consisting of eight articles, cover:

  • Laws and Ethical Codes
  • Governance and Organisation
  • Finance and Accountability
  • Stakeholder Involvement


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