A rounder view in Luxembourg

By |26 April 2010|

Caritas Luxembourg choose twenty ordinary people to see for themselves the impact of climate change on some of the world’s poorest communities. Members of the “180 Degrees Panel” represented a cross section of the population. Most knew nothing about greenhouse gas emissions, global warming and its impact. Only few of them had ever been to a developing country before. Caritas took them to Bangladesh. When the panellists saw the situation, many were confused at first as to where the issues of environmental change begin and those of poverty end? Even after returning to Luxembourg, some of the panellists were left wondering why organizations such as Caritas cared about increasing numbers of cyclones if people are so obviously confronted with much more urgent needs. Caritas cares because poor communities are suffering comparatively harder from the effects of climate change than richer countries. This became increasingly clear to the panellists. Firstly, briefings by [...]