Caritas Japan leads global campaigning on G8

Daisuke from Caritas Japan with a postcard to be sent to G8 calling for justice, not charity. Credits: Caritas

Daisuke from Caritas Japan with a postcard to be sent to G8 calling for justice, not charity. Credits: Caritas

“We want them to hear all voices, not just in eight countries, but all voices.”

As leaders from the world’s most powerful nations prepare to gather for  the G8 summit in Japan, Caritas Japan is gearing up to send them a message on behalf of the poor people in the world.

Fr. Daisuke Narui, Executive Director of Caritas Japan, says Caritas wants to bring the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and climate change to the attention of the summit’s leaders.

“These are global issues.  We want them to hear all voices on these issues, not just those from eight countries, but all voices,” said Daisuke.

Caritas Japan has produced 80,000 postcards bearing a message to encourage rich countries to provide justice and not charity on aid.

The postcards have been given to people in parishes, schools and Catholic hospitals across Japan and people are urged to sign them and send them to Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda.

Fr. Daisuke says that Caritas wants everyone to be included in the process of the summit, in a show of solidarity.

He says Caritas Internationalis and CIDSE, the alliance of Catholic development organizations has sent a statement to the G8 on behalf of the Caritas network to remind the leaders of their obligations to the poor and to achieving the MDGs.

The fact that the G8 is taking place in Japan this year offer a climate for change as Japan is the group’s only Asian member.

“I think Japan has a unique role in the G8 countries,” said Fr. Daisuke. “We don’t belong to America or Europe, so we offer a different perspective. Caritas Japan works together with many Asian countries. Maybe this will mean that we can present the voices of those who aren’t often heard.”

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