Calls for climate justice to world leaders

create a climate for justice

create a climate for justice

In support of the CIDSE-Caritas Internationalis campaign for Climate Justice, a delegation of Bishops and climate experts from the developed and developing world will be in New York on the occasion of the High-Level Meeting on Climate Change on 22 September 2009. Together they will personally meet world leaders and ask them to give a new climate deal the highest political priority. They will also participate in a series of events happening during Climate Week NY°C.

Cardinal Keith O’Brien from the UK, Head of the delegation to New York: “Wealthy countries have an unequivocal moral duty to reduce their own emissions and help developing countries who are already suffering the consequences of our profligate use of fossil fuels for economic gain.” Alongside CIDSE and Caritas Internationalis, Church leaders and climate experts from the delegation present a Climate Justice Statement and urge political leaders to think about the world’s poorest people, as bold action is needed to protect them from the devastating impacts of climate change.

Today, in Bangladesh, a fisherman and his/her family have to leave their home because of the rising sea levels. Today, in Ethiopia, a smallholder farmer can’t feed his/her family as crops fail because of severe droughts.

Today, a child born in the Brazilian rainforest has little chance to live as his/her ancestors did for centuries, because of rapid deforestation and changing rain patterns.

Today, Church leaders, climate experts and Catholics around the world join hands for a better tomorrow in a call for Climate Justice.

PROGRAMME (20-24 September 2009) 

  • Holy Mass for Climate Justice
    Led by the Archbishop of New York Timothy Dolan and concelebrated by the Bishops of our delegation in presence of celebrities.
    Date: Sunday 20 September, 5pm
    Venue: Church of the Holy Family (also known as the United Nations parish)
    Download the PDF invitation 
  • Reducing vulnerability, Enhancing Resilience
    CIDSE & Caritas panel discussion on adaptation.
    Date: Monday 21 September, 3pm
    Venue: United Nations Church Center, opposite the UN Headquarters
    Download the PDF invitation 
  • UN Press conference Date: Tuesday 22 September, 3pm Venue: UN Headquarters, room S226
  • UN High Level Meeting on Climate Change CIDSE and Caritas will meet Heads of State and negotiating parties around the High-level event on Climate Change called by UN Secretary-General. Date: Tuesday 22 September Venue: UN Headquarters Further details regarding the delegation’s schedule and programme will soon be available.



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