Female face of migration conference in Senegal

Migrant woman with her baby Credits: Caritas

Migrant woman with her baby
Credits: Caritas

Caritas Internationalis is organising a conference on “The Female Face of Migration” in Saly, Senegal 30 November to 2 December 2010 in cooperation with Caritas Senegal.

The aim of the conference is to better understand the phenomenon of the ‘feminization of migration’, which describes the increasing percentage of women migrating.

Caritas Internationalis Director of Policy Martina Liebsch said, “More women are migrating independently from their families. The demand for workers in female-dominated sectors, such as in domestic work and healthcare, in countries of destination is increasing. Migration policies have not adjusted to this trend.

“There is no systematic global understanding on how to assess the impact of emigration and immigration policies on men and women. No globally agreed “code of conduct” exists to ensure migration is a safe informed option for earning a living. Little support is available on how to assist families separated by migration.”

Caritas members, migration experts and academics will explore the opportunities and benefits migration can offer women, as well as the challenges and difficulties they might encounter during this process.

They will share their experiences on the best means to empower migrant women. The meeting will also look at how international, regional and national policies can be improved to better offer better protection to women migrants.

Please download a flyer with registration details.


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