Peacebuilding online tools now available in French and Spanish

Caritas is launching Peacebuilding: Web Toolkit for Trainers now in French and Spanish

Caritas is launching Peacebuilding: Web Toolkit for Trainers now in French and Spanish

Caritas is launching French and Spanish versions of its highly successful online peacebuilding toolkit for trainers to further promote conflict resolution.

The Caritas English language website ‘Peacebuilding: Web Toolkit for Trainers’ went live in 2009. Since then it has grown into an effective tool with over 50,000 regular users.

The original 200 plus page web toolkit was developed for trainers, facilitators, learning designers and other practitioners engaged in peace building. The toolkit contains everything a community trainer needs to run effective workshops in their local context.

The web tool kit covers the best peacebuilding materials published. Users can pick and choose from a large selection of activities, handouts, case studies and resources for teaching skills in non-violence, negotiation and peaceful integration of people from diverse religious, ethnic or other backgrounds.

Caritas Internationalis Director of Communications Patrick Nicholson said, “We have seen how the web has helped communities build peace through non-violent action across North Africa to the Middle East to Central Asia.

“The Caritas Peacebuilding: Web Toolkit for Trainers is now used widely in some of the world’s most troubled places. It’s an incredibly rich resource but also simple and easy to use.

“The online peacebuilding initiative was inspired by one of the great peacemakers, Oscar Romero of El Salvador. So it’s wonderful that the resource is now available in his mother tongue Spanish, as well as English and French. Our gratitude goes to Caritas Uruguay for carrying out the Spanish translations.

Executive Director of Caritas Uruguay Gonzalo Rodríguez Pastore said,“We have started only recently to focus on this topic, because we realized that violence is increasing in Uruguay’s civil society. We are particularly concerned about violence among young people and domestic violence. The Peacebuilding Toolkit in Spanish will help us push forward our activities on peaceful conflict resolution.”

Peacebuilding is an important aspect of Caritas work because the poorest and most vulnerable usually suffer the most from violent conflict and war. Internal displacement, forced migration, sexual violence and poverty are only some of the consequences of violent conflict.

The units from the Web Toolkit are simple to use and adaptable to a wide range of audiences, such as schools, community centres, parishes or other settings.

Trainers can build their own workshops online from a wide range of activities and other tools for learning design and facilitation.

The free-to-use resources have been written by academics, practitioners and institutions working on peace from around the world.

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