Syria Crisis: More than just a quilt

Fatima picks a quilt. Credit: Caritas Jordan

By Dana Shahin, Caritas Jordan

Fatima is a widow who recently fled the conflict in Syria to seek refuge in Jordan. She came to the Caritas Jordan centre in Mafraq where she would be able to receive essential help.

Once she’d registered with a Caritas staff member, she headed over to the volunteer’s desk to receive her aid items such as blankets, quilts and personal hygiene products.

There were large boxes consisting of different coloured quilts. The volunteers usually picks one or two, depending on the family size, and hand them over to the refugees.

Fatima, after taking her package, approached one of the volunteers. With a shy quiet voice, she asked, “Is it ok if I choose another quilt? I don’t like this colour.”

The Caritas team told her to pick another one. With a thrilled expression on her face , she ran happily to the box and took few minutes to pick the one she liked.

“This is my favourite colour, is it ok to have this one instead?” Fatima held proudly a blue quilt. “Of course,” said the volunteer. “This is actually yours and you have the right to get the one that you like most”.

A Caritas Jordan staff member said that they ensure all the refugees are treated with dignity. They’re not simply ‘beneficiaries’ but human people.

“There is a strong belief within Caritas Jordan volunteers and employees that aid distribution is part of an act of love done for and with all the people in need. They make up the patchwork quilt that is Caritas,” said one Caritas Jordan emergency staff member.


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