Caritas at the World Social Forum in Tunis

Credits: WSF 2013 Tuni

Credits: WSF 2013 Tuni

Activists from around the world are gathered in Tunis for the World Social Forum. The WSF was launched in 2001 as a counter conference to the World Economic Forum in Davos. It offers an opportunity for NGOs, civil society and social movements to come together to exchange ideas and experiences and work together in solidarity for a more just world.

This year’s motto is “dignity”. More than 3,000 workshops, demonstrations and concerts are scheduled to take place in Tunis during the week long activities.. Organisers expect up to 50,000 participants from around the world to discuss globalisation and labour issues and other matters concerning building a better future.

Caritas has been involved in the WSF since its beginnings. Caritas believes it’s an opportunity to exchange ideas and to build the momentum towards real change. This year Caritas will look at migration, trafficking, the right to food, corruption and tax evasion. [Download flyer for Caritas workshop at WSF]

Caritas will be taking part in the event. Please follow us on FlickrCaritas blog or on Twitter @caritaswsf

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