Women and children in need of humanitarian assistance in Mali

The United Nations says that around 4.3 million people need humanitarian assistance in Mali in 2020. Seventy-five percent of this number are women and children.

Ongoing armed conflict and also the effects of drought present massive challenges to poor and vulnerable people in Mali. People leave their homes to seek safety, food or a better life.
Caritas has launched an emergency appeal to raise money to help those affected. We need E1.6 million to help provide food, cooking kits and other items, healthcare to children and to work with communities to improve conflict management. Donate here

Here, a colleague from Caritas Bamako introduces you to the camp where Caritas is trying to make a difference to the lives of those who have fled:


Hello, I’m Sophie from Caritas Bamako. We are currently at Faladié camp where there are people who have been displaced from Mopti, Bankass and Koro. There are people from the Dogon and Peulh ethnic groups. Around 800 people – that’s 300 households – live in these really insanitary conditions and they really need emergency help.

Here Caritas Mali introduces to us a young woman they have helped:


Caritas: How much did you receive?

Young woman: 55,000 FCFA

Caritas: Are you happy with it?

Young woman: Yes, I’m very happy.

Caritas: What are you going to do with this money?

Young woman: I’m going to eat well today. I’m going to buy some food and some clothes for my child.


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