Food security and integral human development

Realising the right to adequate food and ensuring food security for all is part of a vision aimed at integral human development. This is the strong belief of the member organisations of Caritas Internationalis, which have been running food security programmes in many countries around the world for years.

“When food is not made available to all people, it is full and integral human development that is undermined. The issue is more than just the loss of food, but rather the loss of human personhood and dignity,” Cardinal Luis Antonio G. Tagle, President of Caritas Internationalis speech at the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) headquarters in Rome – 30 May 2016.

One of the dramatic consequences of COVID-19 has been to dramatically increase the number of people at risk of hunger, which today has reached about 300 million.

As in all their programmes, Caritas takes a holistic approach to the problem that aims at promoting integral human development.

Such activities include livelihood enhancement programmes, micro finance groups, community based agricultural programmes, water management, small scale organic farming, transformation of food products, women’s seed cooperatives, education on environment.

Read how Caritas ensures food security for all:

Climate change is expected to make drought and food security worse.

Caritas urged governments, local leaders and donors to act in Africa’s central Sahel, which is facing one of the world’s fastest-growing crises.


Caritas Niger provides goats to families as part of their livelihood programme aiming to improve the lives of smallholder farmers


The current Venezuela crisis is affecting millions of people. Food and medicine are too expensive for most people and many are emigrating to look for work. Caritas Venezuela is helping to give people food, medicines and nutritional supplements to tackle malnutrition.

Caritas Pakistan mobilised schools, religious orders and association to plant one million trees

Caritas planting trees in Pakistan is not only important for the safeguarding of creation, but also for the promotion of interreligious dialogue.

Caritas Denmark helped test the solar cookers in Uganda.

Caritas Denmark is partnering with green technology companies to find sustainable solutions to problems like clean water


A report from Caritas assesses the state of climate finance and how much it is reaching the most vulnerable people affected by climate change in the Pacific region.


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