Fraudulent Communications

From time to time, charity fraud does affect Caritas Internationalis

Unfortunately charities are occasionally the subject of unscrupulous individuals who make fraudulent attempts at taking money from charity supporters through activities such as lottery scams or email fraud. From time to time, charity fraud does affect Caritas Internationalis.

If you receive anything that looks fraudulent, eg emails that purport to come from Caritas, please do not register your details with the sender. We will never ask you in an unsolicited email to send us, by email, your personal contact information or banking data. If you receive such an email either delete it or forward it in its entirety including header information, to You can also contact the donations department of Caritas Internationalis at to verify the validity of the email.

In the event of Caritas being notified of any fraudulent activity, the appropriate authorities are always notified. We also follow up with the hosting providers where we can identify them, but we cannot always guarantee to prevent all such communications circulating.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

The below email is a fraud:

—– Forwarded Message —–

Sent: Wednesday, May 4, 2011 1:21 PM
Subject: CATHOLIC CHARITIES: Benefiting Job offer Update

Dear beloved,

Thank you very much for your positive response to our job offer opportunity May God bless you as you read the lines of this message carefully:

About us:

Catholic Charities is the international office for Catholic Charity agencies and affiliates worldwide.

As a professional association and social justice movement,Catholic Charities supports local Catholic Charities as they provide help and create hope for over 9 million people each year regardless of religious, social, or economic backgrounds.

What we do:

Ironically,the contemporary work of Catholic Charities worldwide continues to support the following:

Women who are poor; children who are poor; Refugees, people with disability and HIV/AIDS,how these people are treated tests our society’s justice, and whether or not we understand that we are children of one God who is passionately concerned for the least among us.

About the job offer:

The Department of charity of the Catholic mission is recruiting donations coordinating agents around the world to receive and distribute donations to various charity homes and entities that needs support

Why we need you:

The Catholic Charity Mission is made up of two kinds of people namely: 1) Donors who support the charity mission with financial charity materials 2)Volunteers,who help distribute the charity materials to the beneficiaries We need you to help us receive charity materials from our numerous donors and distribute the charity materials to the beneficiaries.


This is an opportunity to become one of our agents worldwide online and get paid weekly ($450 weekly) You would be entitled to 10% cmmission of whatever monetary donation you receive and process for distribution This job is a temporary job which does not disturb your present work or endeavor This offer is absolutely free and no registration fee is required from you

How to apply:

Please,apply for the job offer as you provide the following information:

complete home/Office address:
Zip/postal code:
Country :

We would respond to your email as soon as possible for more information.

God bless and hope to hear from you as soon as possible

Rev Antonella Balsano
United Kingdom
Tel: (+44)711152846


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