How Caritas works on Development

Caritas is focused on achieving the new Sustainable Development Goals during their lifetime of 2105 to 2030. The SDGs will greatly influence the national planning of governments and the funding priorities of donors.

With its grassroots network of 165 organisations Caritas will press hard for the necessary action to be taken at national, regional and global levels to bring about the real change the SDGs represent.

In caring for our common home, Caritas holds both extractive industries and national governments to account, calling for fair and responsible policies and deeds. It campaigns at high level meetings and events worldwide to bring economic and social justice to the poor.

Sustainable Development Goals
Caritas shares the vision and commitment contained in the Sustainable Development Goals.

The SDGs link social, economic and environmental development, which has long been a Caritas priority. But the challenges are great – a growing population, an increase in natural disasters, the impact of environmental degradation and climate change.

Commitment to the SDGs is strong, partly because of the broad process which created them. But Caritas will monitor their implementation and progress. On behalf of the poor and of our common home, we will hold those responsible to account. The SDGs keep alive our chance of building justice, equality, care and decency in our world.

Extractive Industries
Surging prices for raw materials from our earth should bring in much needed revenue which poorer countries can invest in development.

But all too often citizens don’t benefit as much as they should from extractive industries like mining and logging. Their governments allow the profits to end up in the pockets of big international companies or a few well off locals. The rush for more raw materials and money often sparks conflicts and sets back development gains.

Caritas members work for economic and social justice by monitoring both governments and companies. Caritas also speaks out against the global structures which trap people in cycles of poverty. We campaign for proper respect and accountability on the part of governments and companies for what happens to people and their natural environment. We work with local communities to provide them with safeguards to their health, water, soil and forests and to make the voice of civil society a strong one.

High Level Meetings and Events
Caritas delegations regularly represent the one million voices of the Caritas confederation at important high level international meetings and events.

These include the United Nations General Assembly, the UN’s Framework Convention on Climate Change, the G8, the World Economic Forum, the World Social Forum, the Global Forum on Migration and Development and the Global Committee on Food Security.

Caritas advocates for fair, ambitious and legally binding conventions, which will benefit the poor and protect our shared world. Its delegates and members take to the streets and host side meetings to spread their vision that a world without hunger and poverty is not a utopian dream.